CLG gets our client all of the money


Our client lost her young husband to a sudden heart attack.  His first wife claimed she was entitled to the life insurance.  So, rather than pay out the money, the life insurance company asked the federal court to determine who was entitled to the money.  This is called an interpleader action.  In this case, it meant our client lost her husband and his income and could not access the life insurance money to pay bills. More on that, later.

Not only did the ex-wife cause the interpleader, she also sued our client in state court seeking the 401k money.

The ex. wife received nothing.  Our client received all of the 401k money, the life insurance money and the accrued interest.  Yesterday our client received the insurance money and wrote us the beautiful email, below:

I received the check today! :) Also, received our Christmas chocolates too! Thank you so much Louis & Shannon for everything. I could never thank y'all enough. I am thankful that God put y'all in my life and I will definitely send anyone your way who needs an awesome attorney!! 
I love those words.... The file is closed!! And, so is the chapter of dealing with evil. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! 

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!! 

On Dec 17, 2014, at 2:40 PM, "Louis R. Cohan" <> wrote:
So glad to be sending this money to you.  Congratulations.  All good things for you going forward.  If we can ever be of any help or if you know someone who needs a good attorney, please send them our way.

And now for some happy words - After we send you this money, we are closing our file on this matter!

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