Its been a really great 2 weeks at Cohan Law Group


1. Michelle Wein and Louis Cohan defeated Morehouse's Motion for summary judgment in an overtime case where the issue was whether our client was exempt.

2. Jim Hawkins and Louis Cohan secured a summary judgment for our client on a commercial Note with a personal guaranty.

3. In a high stakes restrictive covenant / trade secrets dispute, the Judge vacated an injunction against our client finding that she could not determine from Plaintiff's evidence that its information was entitled to trade secret protection or that there was a substantial likelihood that plaintiff could succeed on the merits. Jim Hawkins, Michelle Wein and Louis Cohan all worked on this one!

4. ...And this past Friday, we all had a nice dinner at Ray's in the City and then attended opening night of the Atlanta Bar Foundation's Northside Story musical and play. It was great fun. Congrats to the cast, director, and crew who did an amazing job.

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