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Tried a case last week in MS. The Plaintiffs were seeking more than $4.5 million in damages against our client. Before trial, one Plaintiff dropped out voluntarily and that cut the amount in half.  On Thursday morning (Day 4 of the trial), the last witness completed her testimony at about 10:45 am.  The Judge said, "Hmmm, its about 10:45.  Let's break until 11:30. I want to think about those directed verdict motions."  You know what happened next...  The Judge dismissed the Plaintiff's entire case!

Favorite line of the case - The Plaintiff (Bob) testified extensively to numerous calls he had with the real estate agent about the deal in the weeks leading up to the closing and contended she had become his agent.  The real estate agent testified persuasively, that those calls never happened. She testified, that Bob called her in November, and then she did not hear from him again for weeks.  When he then emailed and acted as though they were familiar, the agent testified, "I did not even remember who he was.  He was just a guy named Bob to me."

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